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Thunderbird in 6 steps.

Step 1: Select Don't import anything -> click next.

Step 2: Select Skip this and use my existing email.

 Step 3: Input your name, your e-mail address from becotech and password. Click Continue.

Step 4: Select Manual config.

Step 5: Input the following.

A. We recommend selecting IMAP in the incoming field box. If you would like to know the difference please click What is - POP and IMAP?

B. Input in the Incoming and Outgoing field box under Server Hostname.

C. Add your e-mail address in the Username field box below Server Hostname field boxes.

D. Next to Server Hostname is the section called PORT. Select 143 in the box below.

E. Select 25 in the box under the 143 box.

Afterwards click Continue.

Step 6: This page should pop up with your email account. If this doesn't work repeat step 5.

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