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One of the biggest battles with email is the war on spam. This tutorial is about using gmail to help further remove spam from your email account. 
You will need a gmail account. If you dont have a gmail account you can go to google's website and register one for free.

1. Log into your gmail account. 
2. Go to Settings.
3. Go to accounts.
4. Select add a POP3 mail account you own.

5. A pop up will appear requesting the email address you would like to add then click next step.

6. Another pop up will appear with mail settings. 
a. User name field input whole email address.
b. Password field input the password to the related email account you are adding to gmail.
c. POP Server add mail.<yourdomain>.<ltd>
d. Check mark the box "label incoming messages and ensure the username in the drop box matches the email account being used.
This makes it easier to identify which email address messages are coming from.

select add account and your finished with this part.

Here is an example of what your mail box should look like.
Highlighted gray email addresses are used to distinguish your mail fetched from your mail sent directly to your gmail account.

To avoid  email crashes it is important that all your devices receive mail through gmail at this point and NOT from other domain servers.
The next step is to configure all your devices to ONLY use your gmail account.  
(smartphones, tablets, Laptops and desktop etc.)

Things to do if email goes missing:
Verify your device is online. 
Click the refresh button on your inbox screen to make sure gmail is receiving mail. 
Be sure to check your gmail spam folder.
Review your POP settings.
Check your firewall if you have one active on your device. 
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