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First lets start with the definition of both email forwarding and POP3.

POP3 is A protocol for receiving e-mail by downloading it to your computer from a mailbox on the server of an Internet service provider.
A POP3 mailbox is a mail account with your own unique email address using your own domain name.
Mail is addressed to this mailbox and messages are sent to your mailbox on a server until you access it.

Email forwarding 
generically refers to the operation of re-sending an email message delivered to one email address on to a possibly differentemail address.
Email forwarding is done by a 'forwarder' which is a mechanism on a server that sends a message to your address automatically with no copy kept on the server.
Note: Be cautious of the "automatically with no copy kept on server."

POP3 obtains mail in a much more stable fashion. 
Performing mass forwarding; mail(s) can be lost in transition and may require more spam filter checks for important pieces of mail.

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