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An email alias is simply a forwarding email address. So why Alias?

An alias email looks just like a real email account but is completely different behind the scenes. These accounts are typically used for non-person specific addresses such as support@, info@, sale@ and so on. These accounts do not have a storage area on an email server; rather, they immediately forward all messages they receive to one or more actual email accounts.

Some benefits of alias accounts:

- Messages sent to an alias can be rerouted to multiple recipients, e.g., each member of the sales department can receive a copy of all

- The ability to maintain several email accounts, each with their own purpose, without needing to check those email accounts individually; simply maintain a single real account which receives all messages sent to your alias accounts.

- Preserve "Contact Consistency" - personnel changes within your organization will not require your clients to update their address books; as long as your email alias’ configuration is kept current, your clients’ messages will always be routed to the appropriate people.

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